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Wind Chime Design

Rachel and I know that there are plenty of wind chimes out there to choose from as we spent months trying to locate the best ones on the market. Frankly, some are indeed less expensive than the wind chimes sold on our site and we understand the temptation to buy them. Despite all of these choices, Rachel and I only sell wind chimes produced by Grace Notes and Music of the Spheres because they were the only companies producing chimes of exceptional quality.

There are basically three components that determine the overall quality and sound of a wind chime: materials, craftsmanship, and design. Grace Notes and Music of the Spheres both hand craft their wind chimes using the highest quality materials on the market and feature innovative designs that help set their chimes apart from all others.

To see a diagram of the wind chime design, click on the maker you are interested in.

Grace Notes Wind Chimes Design


Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes Design

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Extra Large Earthsong Windchime Deluxe Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes Gift Certificate
Listed Elsewhere: $390.00
Our Price: $293.97
You save $96.03!

Listed Elsewhere: $750.00
Our Price: $658.97
You save $91.03!

Extra Large Earthsong Windchime Deluxe Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes

Escape to simpler times while relaxing away your stress when you listen to the melodies produced by this magnificent Extra Large Earthsong wind chime by Grace Notes. This massive wind chime is a perfect addition to your garden.

The Eastern and Western influences converge to produce truly distinctive tones that cannot help but delight your senses!

Mesmerize your senses and relax to the deep vibrations produced by this Deluxe Himalayan Echo wind chime. Crafted with pride using only the finest materials by Grace Notes.

This sensational wind chime will bring you peace and tranquility season after season thanks to its quality construction.

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