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AA   Alto Aquarian Wind Chimes
BA   Alto Balinese Windchime
CA   Alto Chinese Wind chime
GA   Alto Gypsy Wind chime
HA   Alto Hawaiian Wind Chime
JA   Alto Japanese Wind Chime
MA   Alto Mongolian Wind chimes
PA   Alto Pentatonic Windchime
QA   Alto Quartal Windchimes
WTA   Alto Whole Tone Wind Chimes
AB   Bass Aquarian Wind Chimes
BB   Bass Balinese Wind Chimes
CB   Bass Chinese Wind Chimes
GB   Bass Gypsy Wind Chimes
HB   Bass Hawaiian Wind Chime
JB   Bass Japanese Wind Chime
MB   Bass Mongolian Windchimes
PB   Bass Pentatonic Wind Chimes
QB   Bass Quartal Windchimes
WTB   Bass Whole Tone Wind Chimes
BP   Basso Profundo Wind chimes
7STB   Black Large Sunrise Serenade Wind Chimes
3LGNB   Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
3MB   Black Medium Himalayan Echo Windchime
3S-MMX011   Canary Himalayan Echo Wind Chime
CTB   Contra Bass Windchimes
3XXX   Deluxe Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
1X   Extra Large Earthsong Windchime
4X   Extra Large Summer Daydream Wind Chime
3S-GREEN   Green Himalayan Echo Wind Chime
1LAT   Large Autumn Malkaus Wind Chime
1L   Large Earthsong Wind Chimes
3L   Large Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
5L   Large Island Melody Windchimes
1LSP   Large Spring Durga Wind Chime
1LSUM   Large Summer Bhupali Wind Chime
7ST   Large Sunrise Serenade Wind Chimes
2L   Large Treasure of Heaven Wind Chimes
1LWIN   Large Winter Gunkali Wind Chimes
1LGNB   Little Gracenotes Earthsong Black Wind Chimes
1LGN   Little Gracenotes Earthsong Wind Chimes
3LGN   Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
1MMX   Majestic Morning Wind Chimes
1MAT   Medium Autumn Malkaus Wind Chime
9MCHA   Medium Chakra Wind Chime
1M   Medium Earthsong Wind Chime
3M   Medium Himalayan Echo Windchime
1MSP   Medium Spring Durga Wind Chime
6M   Medium Stardust Wind Chimes
1MSUM   Medium Summer Bhupali Wind Chime
4M   Medium Summer Daydream Wind Chime
1MWIN   Medium Winter Gunkali Wind Chimes
3S-Red   Metallic Red Himalayan Echo Wind Chime
AM   Mezzo-Soprano Aquarian Windchimes
BM   Mezzo-Soprano Balinese Wind Chimes
CM   Mezzo-Soprano Chinese Windchimes
GM   Mezzo-Soprano Gypsy Windchimes
HM   Mezzo-Soprano Hawaiian Windchimes
JM   Mezzo-Soprano Japanese Windchimes
MM   Mezzo-Soprano Mongolian Windchime
PM   Mezzo-Soprano Pentatonic Wind chime
QM   Mezzo-Soprano Quartal Windchime
WTM   Mezzo-Soprano Whole Tone Windchime
1S-MMX006   Patriot Wind Chime
1PT   Petite Earthsong Wind Chime
3PT   Petite Himalayan Echo Wind Chime
7PS   Petite Sunrise Serenade Wind Chime
2PT   Petite Treasure of Heaven Wind Chime
1S-MMX008   Piano Wind Chime
9SCHA   Small Chakra Wind Chime
1S   Small Earthsong Wind Chime
3S   Small Himalayan Echo Wind Chime
5S   Small Island Melody Wind Chime
6S   Small Stardust Windchimes
AS   Soprano Aquarian Wind Chimes
BS   Soprano Balinese Windchime
CS   Soprano Chinese Wind chimes
GS   Soprano Gypsy Windchimes
HS   Soprano Hawaiian Wind Chimes
JS   Soprano Japanese Windchime
MS   Soprano Mongolian Wind Chime
PS   Soprano Pentatonic Wind chimes
QS   Soprano Quartal Wind Chime
WTS   Soprano Whole Tone Wind Chimes
SKR   Striker Replacement
2XX   Super 6-Note Treasure of Heaven Wind Chimes
AT   Tenor Aquarian Windchime
BT   Tenor Balinese Wind Chime
CT   Tenor Chinese Windchime
GT   Tenor Gypsy Windchime
HT   Tenor Hawaiian Windchime
JT   Tenor Japanese Windchime
MT   Tenor Mongolian Wind chime
PT   Tenor Pentatonic Windchimes
QT   Tenor Quartal Wind Chimes
WTT   Tenor Whole Tone Windchime
W   Westminster Wind Chime
URN   Wind Chime Urn

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