Wind Chimes; a Charming Way to Enhance your Home Decor

When it comes to complimenting a patio
or adding interest to a flower garden, or any other area of the
landscape, nothing is quite as charming or alluring as the haunting
melody of wind chimes.  But wind chimes aren't just for patio or
garden yard decor.  There are a variety of ways to enhance
interior decor while enjoying the benefits of feng shui in the
home using just the right set of wind chimes.

The mystic world of the Chinese is
alluring because of their focus on balance and calm.  This is
especially true in regards to nature.  The vital element in their
walk through gardens, for instance, is a type of partnership with
nature.  Even their unique home decor is designed to encourage
tranquility, and a harmonious balance.

Using the five elements of earth, fire,
metal, water, and wood, feng shui embodies both the good and the bad
for a more perfect balance.  Feng shui enhances a sense of unity
through sight, and touch, as well as meditative, disciplined

This perfect balance for more positive
energy flow can also be achieved through peaceful, tranquil sounds.
The fluid, melodious sounds made by tuned wind chimes can counteract
negative irritating background noise to create a more peaceful

A serene garden, patio, or landscape
setting can be enhanced by the soothing visual effect created by wind
chimes, stirred by the wind. Their harmonizing tones glide across the
air current, stimulating the senses and permeating the whole area
with peaceful, soothing sounds.  Traffic and other intrusive noises
have been masked, and feng shui has been achieved.

That same calming effect achieved by a
wind chime can also be realized inside of the house.  Whether you are
into country home decor, Southwest decor, or flirt with
a more sophisticated interior design, just the right set of wind
chimes can add that personal, creative touch for a more peaceful,
relaxing environment.

Today's tuned wind chimes come in
many sizes and designs.  Various materials and metals are
incorporated, using a careful design to achieve the most harmonious
sound possible.  This magic formula exploits the benefits of
perfectly tuned sounds that are both therapeutic and relaxing.  The
annoying clang and clink of yesteryear's cheap, out of tune wind
chimes create a negative energy flow and irritates neighbors  

The best sounding wind chimes are tuned
using the pentatonic scale.  Blues and folk musicians, and Eastern
cultures, as well as many others, prefer this scale for its
harmonious versatility and compatibleness tonality.  When the air
current captures the tuned pipes, each note made is compatible to the
others; each 'song' unique and captivating.  

The different lengths of pipe used
create baritone, alto, tenor, or soprano tones. Reminiscent of church
bells; romantic, soothing, and haunting.

The key to the tone created by the
striker or clapper when it hits the pipe is in the contact point.
Points of contact on the pipe called anti-nodes vibrate most
and produce a fuller sound, free from tinny-sounding after notes.

Crafters of quality, perfectly tuned
wind chimes take advantage of this scientific factor.  They produce a
product not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasant to the ear, as
well.  Today's conscientious consumer has a variety of models,
sizes, and price ranges from which to select.  Wind chimes are made
from various woods, metals, and other materials, to appease any
taste, and compliment any surrounding.

Lawn and garden centers, gift shops,
specialty shops, and many department stores carry a wide assortment
of wind chimes from which to choose.  However, many persons opt to
purchase wind chimes online, for convenience and competitive pricing.

Enhance your home decor with a
carefully selected wind chime that produces the note range you most
prefer.  Some people like combining the benefits of two different
sets of wind chimes, blending the lower tones of one with a lighter
melody of another.

When used along side an indoor floor or
table top waterfall or fountain, the whole atmosphere of the room
becomes peaceful and calming to frazzled nerves.  Chimes with small
diameter pipes produce a higher octave, and best complement the
sounds made by water.  Family rooms, dens, foyers, or a cozy corner
of the bedroom are especially enhanced by the creative use of a wind

According to early folklore, wind
chimes were once hung over people's doorways to keep evil spirits
at bay.  Modern day home owners can use wind chimes to add visual
charm and deter negative energy, by offering the listener
soothing sounds by which to relax.  

Feng shui suggests northwestern areas
near statues or archways as good places to hang single specimens of
wind chimes.  Where ever they are placed, hang them where they will
not interfere with desired mood or other pleasing sounds already
present.  Use wind chimes as a compliment, compatible to the area,
and to enhance other elements.

Wind chimes hung on a distinctive
hanger on a patio near the house can be enjoyed both indoors and out.
Their harmonizing, seductive sound will both relax and tantalize all
who hear; sweet, rich notes both you, and nature, will enjoy.

Enhance the atmosphere in your home
while adding to the beauty of your interior design.  Melodic wind
chimes, a unique and charming way to compliment any style decor,
inside or out.