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Grace Note Wind Chime Design

Grace Notes wind chimes was founded by a musician with an ear for pure tone and crystal clear clarity. Unparalleled craftsmanship, an innovative design, and the use of the finest materials all combine to create the most musical wind chimes on the planet. The difference truly is in the details.

1) The stainless steal ring used to hang the wind chime will never rust.

2) The aluminum ring is not prone to drying or cracking as is typically the case with wooden tops used to make lower quality wind chimes.

3) The level of the tubes is varied so that the striker always makes contact in the very center of each tube. Any xylophone player will attest to the fact that the center of the tubes is the sweet spot. because it produces the clearest tones.

4) Grace Notes wind chimes have a larger radius providing greater space between the tubes and the striker itself. Due to this greater space, the notes can be heard individually thus creating a deeper, more resonant sound that helps set these chimes apart.

5) Composite lumber strikers are both environmentally friendly and eliminate harsh overtones. These strikers will not dry, crack, or require maintenance of any kind.

6) Custom made and specially braided Dacron string is weather resistant. (75-350lb test)

7) This unique suspension design helps set Grace Notes apart and produces superior sound quality. This design features interior pins set at the resonant node which produces greater resonance and crystal clear tones for optimum sound quality.

8) Wind chimes tones are determined by the ratio of wall thickness to tubing diameter. All harmonically tuned aluminum tubes are custom crafted to attain the precise ratio for optimal sound quality.

9) Grace Notes uses tempered aluminum because it is a superior sound conductor when compared to other materials such as brass, copper, and bronze.

10) The additional length on the center strings of Grace Notes wind chimes means it takes less wind to activate the chime.

11) Light weight aluminum wind plates are weather resistant and make it easier for the wind chimes to play when compared to wooden wind plates found on inferior chimes. The engraved tuning name, chord and notes are another feature of our wind plates. Personalized engravings are placed on the other side.

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