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The Allure of Wind Chimes Past and Present

Around since the beginning of time, when crudely-made chimes of shells, bones, and wood were strung on poles and trees, wind chimes gained greatest popularity centuries ago in the Orient.  Chimes with elaborate workmanship and painstaking detail adorned sacred structures, heralding their spiritual significance.

The Buddhists used wind chimes and wind bells for ceremonial and religious purposes.  They were strung buy the hundreds inside and out of temples and shrines; from the ceilings, walls, and eaves.

The Mandarin Chinese words “feng shui,” meaning “wind” and “water,” acknowledged their symbolic value in their rites; practicing a philosophy that the land was living, and a blueprint of heaven.  Anything done must be harmonic with the pattern provided by nature…one in step with the other.

The Earth’s landscape held multi-significant worth. Whether planting a crop, burying an ancestor, or altering the landscape in any way, those who respected the laws of feng shui sought to balance the forces of the universe.  Everything that was accomplished was done in such a way as to fit into the environment in a like-minded, orderly way.

The principle behind a wind chime – one element meeting and affecting the other in one accord, and the resulting harmonious “song” carried by the force of the wind – was compatible with this philosophy.

It wasn’t long before the Eastern culture began enjoying wind chimes beyond the religious sphere and began using them to accent their unique home decor.  Their popularity in the Eastern culture spread to become a treasured part of home decor and garden yard decor in the Western culture, as well.

The popularity of wind chimes was reawakened when more distinctive, precision-tuned types replaced the tinny-sounding clang varieties.  Their more sophisticated characteristics enhanced the sounds made when clapper met pipe; rich soothing tones that complimented the other.

When the Internet evolved to become a standard feature in countless home offices, people took advantage of the resources readily available on the web.  They began to purchase wind chimes online.  It is more convenient, the selection wider, and prices most competitive.

Today’s wind chimes are truly “the song of the wind,” and are as beautiful as they are harmonious.  They are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, and make meaningful anniversary gifts, because of their symbolic worth…compatible, harmonious, and always in tune.