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Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes represent the highest quality and clearest sounding wind chimes in the business and we are proud to offer Music of the Spheres to our customers. Hand crafted in the USA using specially tuned aluminum alloy tubing, these exquisite wind chimes will serenade your favorite outdoor space with soothing tones and melodies while relaxing away your every stress for years to come- so have fun finding the perfect one for you and just let us know if you have any questions!

Rachel and Stephen Betzen

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Westminster Wind Chime Westminster Wind Chime
Listed Elsewhere: $350.00
Our Price: $297.00
You save $53.00!
Alto Japanese Wind Chime Alto Japanese Wind Chime
Listed Elsewhere: $230.00
Our Price: $204.00
You save $26.00!
Soprano Gypsy Windchimes Soprano Gypsy Windchimes
Our Price: $104.95
Alto Pentatonic Windchime Alto Pentatonic Windchime
Listed Elsewhere: $230.00
Our Price: $204.00
You save $26.00!

Alto Quartal Windchimes Alto Quartal Windchimes
Listed Elsewhere: $230.00
Our Price: $204.00
You save $26.00!
Soprano Japanese Windchime Soprano Japanese Windchime
Our Price: $104.95

Tenor Japanese Windchime Tenor Japanese Windchime
Listed Elsewhere: $470.00
Our Price: $429.99
You save $40.01!

Founded in 1989 by Larry Roark, Music of the Spheres has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of precision-tuned, quality crafted wind chimes. Although the very first wind chimes were literally made in Larry's garage using only hand tools and wooden clappers, they now operate out of a spacious modern facility located in Austin, Texas. Despite the larger production facility and rapid expansion of staff, all wind chimes continue to be hand crafted with a host of distinctive features, such as:

  • Tempered aluminum alloy tubing: Custom manufactured to exacting specifications, this special harmonically tuned tubing will never rust. Each tube are cut and tuned precisely by hand using just intonation, except for the whole tone scale, where equal temperament is used.

  • Corrosion-Protective Finish: This specially formulated finish will help preserve the chime's appearance while increasing resistance to environmental hazards like acid rain and salt air.

  • Solid Polyethylene Clapper: These highly durable clappers help ensure superior tone quality and require no maintenance.

  • Specially Designed Wind Catcher: Crafted out of tempered aluminum alloy, this wind catcher is the ideal size and weight for optimal chime performance in winds averaging 8-10 mph.

  • Variable Activity Level: Via the wind catcher hook assembly, the activity level can be adjusted on all wind chimes for maximum enjoyment. It is also possible to turn chime off/on using the clapper (or by removing wind catcher) which is especially convenient at night or during storms.

  • Superior Suspension Technology: Using tough synthetic cordage and a central tube suspension featuring smoothly polished tube ends that help prevent cord abrasion typical of inferior technologies, all chimes are designed to minimize abrasion and bring you year after year of perfect harmonies.

Using only superior materials, technology, and taking the time to hand craft each wind chime to harmonic perfection, it is no wonder that Music of the Spheres is considered to be the Stradivarius of Wind Chimes. With six sizes spanning four octaves including the infamous 14' Basso Profundo wind chime, wind chimes produce a wide range of harmonies and tones designed to soothe and relax away your every stress. Hand crafted using only the finest materials, Music of the Spheres wind chimes will create an inviting retreat in your favorite outdoor area for many years to come-Guaranteed!

Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, and Soprano: 7 years normal exterior use
Tenor and Bass: 15 years normal exterior use
Basso Profundo: 15 years normal exterior use